Virtual Customer

Virtual Customer Problem
Every software vendor has concerns before the product release. Every customer has similar concerns while evaluating the product.

Software Vendor Concerns Customer Concerns
Will our customers be able to install/upgrade the product?   Do we really need the product if we are unable to install it or have problems installing it ?
Are there any usability issues? Many usability issues lead to a big problems when users start using the application
Are there any functional problems? We better drop the product evaluation since some of the major functions don't work properly
Are there any performance/scalability issues? It takes a long time to load the application or the product is not scalable at all. It means that software has big limitations and that's not acceptable
Are there any problems with the user's guide?   Does user guide cover all product features? Is it well organized? Are all steps and product features described clearly? What are we supposed to do if we cannot use the user's guide because it is unclear, has poorly described features, context and factual errors?
Are there any security vulnerabilities?   Do we really need the product with security holes? Does it work with the latest hotfixes?
Are there any hardware/software incompatibilities?   If the product is not compatible with our hardware that means it does not work for us. We better consider another products.

Virtual Customer Solution
We emulate a real customer who tries to identify and resolve problems using your application.

How it works:

We provide software evaluation / validation / virtual customer services.

Essentially, we:
• Install the application on our environment.
• Evaluate software using the documentation accompanying the software as our guide
• Set up tasks for every major functionality of the application
• Start using the application, make sure it meets all customer's expectations,
  and all possible customer concerns are well handled.

What we deliver
CrystalTest provides a detailed report that contains:
• Product features that we have used
• Usability and functionality problems
• Issues with high risk components of the system
• Our overall satisfaction and suggestions on which improvements should be done in order to enhance the product
• Our recommendations on the level of maturity of the product and whether it's ready to ship to customers.

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