Our partners are located in major Russian cities. All of them have very good experience working as offshore software development teams, expertise in different areas, and successfully completed and deployed projects.

Location Customers Staff Founded Expertise Projects
Kazan BlueFox Labs, USA
Gold Star Awards Inc., USA
Alvarez & Partners, USA
TheBizServices, USA
iDigital Internet Inc., Canada
ITC Interactive, USA
30 1997 Business applications
Internet systems
Web sites
Project management application
Employees time control application
Forex market analysis tool
Custom Linux-based web-mail solutions
Taganrog ESRI, USA 42 1996 1. Geographic Information Systems (GIS)
- Vehicle routing/logistics applications
- Desktop GIS
- Internet Mapping Servers
- Location Based Services
2. Mobile/Wireless solutions
3. Data compression technologies
4. Voice-enabled applications
- BusinessMAP
- RouteMAP IMS
- ArcIMS Route Server
- ArcPad StreetMap
Nizhny Novgorod Aculab, UK
NMS Communications, USA
Nexcom, Taiwan
Force Computers, USA
22 1999 Telecommunication software
Multi-platform application development technologies
Client-server architectures, multi-tier architectures
VoIP technologies (SIP, H323, MGCP, RTP/RTCP, T38)
ISDN and SS7 protocols
GSM/UMTS/CDMA network architecture and corresponding
Speech processing technologies (TTS, ASR, VoiceXML)
Databases (Oracle, Informix, MS SQL, MySQL)
Client database interfaces (OCI, BDE, ADO, DBI)
Scripting (Perl, Python, shells)
Universal billing systems
Speech processing applications
Moscow Canon, Toyota, Schwarzkopf, Siemens, Nestle, BMW 80 1997 Corporate websites
Corporate systems for various business processes (purchasing, business planning, inventory tracking)
Electronic stores (B2C; fully automated back-office systems)
Marketplaces (B2B; fully automated back-office systems)
Information Portals
Intranet systems
Interactive CD-roms
Corporate and product presentations
Promo sites
Interactive games
Corporate style developments
eBusiness strategies
Site and Content Management System
St.Petersburg - 9 - Web applications
Network applications
OS: UNIX, Linux
Kyiv, Ukraine - 15 2001 - Internet applications design and support
- Internet and Intranet portals
- E-commerce
- Web based project management systems
- Geo-information systems
- Database design
- Integration with third party software
- Web design, creative graphics and multimedia
Distance learning system "FOCUS"
St.Petersburg ByelaTech Inc. 25 - Real-time digital data processing
PDA applications (Windows CE)
Moscow Customers from USA, Japan,Germany, Austria, UK 50 2000 Java-based and .NET software technologies
Test Automation with SilkTest, Mercury Interactive products
Obninsk Kaluga Region Itetco Oy, Finland 20 2001 OS: Windows, UNIX, Linux
Technologies: C++, VB, Java, ASP, JSP, PHP, HTML, XML
RDBMS: Oracle, SQL Server, MySQL
Market Analysis
Corporate Information Portal
Project Management System
Rybinsk (Yaroslavl reg.) Brankamp, Germany 180 1992 Internet systems
Data bases
Equipment control
Computerised Numeric Controls (CNC)
CA test equipment suite
Numeric Control system
Automatic engine testing system
Krasnoyarsk US Department of Energy, USA
Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, USA
42 2001 Internet/Intranet applications;
Business and Desktop applications;
E-Business (B2B,B2C) solutions;
Mobile and Wireless applications;
Moscow WebMaster, USA 10 1996 RDBMS: ORACLE
PC OS : Win32, Linux
Mobile OS: WinCE, Smartphone, PocketPC, BREW
Electronic business catalogue
Applications for WinCE, Smartphone, PocketPC, BREW, Symbian, PalmOS operating systems
Novosibirsk - 38 - VoIP, telecommunications, portals, realtime multithread systems
Multi-player games
Business applications
Techcnologies: J2EE, Java, SQL, Delphi, C++
Educational software
Call Analyser
Multiplayer Poker games
Law Enforcement Database-storage of photos of criminals
Moscow NCR, USA 28 1991 Corporate Information Systems
B2B applications
Project management systems

Information portals
Internet auction
Analysis systems
On-line stock trading applications
Novosibirsk - 10 1997 RDBMS: ORACLE, MSSQL, Sybase, SQLBase
Technologies: .NET, Java, Centura Team Developer
Business applications, source code translators
EasyWork System (ERP system)
Java Convertor
.Net Convertor
Nizhny Novgorod Motorola, USA
Microsoft, USA
Magic4, UK
Psion, UK
310 1991 PDA and cell phone software
Java 2 ME, PocketPC, Symbian OS, Palm OS
Mobile sales terminal
3G Baseband Simulator
Car Tracking System
Bar code tracking terminal
Saratov - 18 1997 Visual C++, Delphi, Borland C++ Builder, Visual Basic Client-server applications
Novosibirsk - 9 - Technology Process Control
Moscow Info Guardian Co., Korea
Topaz International, Jordan
19 1991 Cryptography
Information security
Crypto Algorithms
Cryptographic tool-kit
Applications for digital signature and encryption of electronic data
HDD/FDD/CD/DVD encrypted data protection
Voronezh Numerous customers from USA
20 1993 Internet security
Business applications
Database conversion
Electronic Data Interchange systems
Technologies: MS SQL 7.0/2000, Java, Delphi, EDI, XML, Delphi
Integrated Banking System
Voronezh - 15 2002 Web design
Website support
RDBMS: Oracle, DB2, SQL, MySQL.
Operating Systems: Windows 98/NT/2000/XP, UNIX/Linux.
Software Localization Services
E-Learning Solutions
Multimedia online training classes
Database Management Systems
Internet Portals
Samara L.O.T.-ORIEL GmbH (Germany)
University of Joensuu (Finland)
Beijing Institute of Technology (China)
U.S. Army Research Laboratory
University of Arizona, USA
35 1993 Mathematical Methods of Digital Image Processing
Image Recognition and Reconstruction
Fast Image Compression
Laser Measurements
Novocherkassk, Rostov region Irony Media LLC, USA
RegioDesign Institut fur Regionalmanagment Nausitz GmbH, Germany
- 2000 Computer Games
Teaching Systems
Corporate Information Systems
Automation of electronic documents circulation
Web-design, Web-programming
Professional testing of different programs
Ekaterinburg PowerSteering Software, Inc., USA
IT Partners, Belgium
22 1997 * ActiveX components development
* COM/COM+ e-commerce web applications, b2c, b2b
* .NET e-commerce applications
* .NET XML web services
* e-commerce web applications on J2EE platform
* Java for mobile devices (J2ME)
* client/server applications for Windows
accounting software
CRM and enterprise control systems
E-commerce systems
XML web services
Tomsk The number of customers from USA, UK, Germany 50 1990 Development of management/accounting software applications
Application Porting and integration
Design and development of Web-based applications
Remote support and administering of Web-portals
Software testing
Multi-platform interface for a web-based financial system
Payroll systems
Realty Tax Calculation
Golf Club Activities Management
Saratov DATAC Control International, Ireland
RealFlex Systems, USA
27 1999 Software solutions for process control, telemetry, telecommunication, laboratory research, oil industry
Turnkey HMI/SCADA project
Turnkey Automated Meter Reading software project
Novosibirsk Isogon Corp., USA
EasyData B.V., Netherlands
Det Kongelige Bibliotek, Denmark
Soft Prose Technology, Inc., USA
Cybiko, Inc., USA
Terralink, USA
23 - Customized OCR/ICR
Image processing
Computer linguistics solutions
Document processing
Encyclopedia re-digitization
Samara EBSCO Publishing, USA
River Logic, Inc., USA
45 - Information portals
Web development
Royalty Tracking Systems
Database programming and performance tuning (Oracle)
Software Testing Services
Wireless applications programming
RLI Intranet - Intranet system
BeckLogic Power Network
TAURIS (Text Articles Usage Report Information System)
Tomsk Moonlight Cordless Ltd., Israel
9 2001 Technologies: Delphi, MFC Programming, Visual Basic, VBA, VCL, DirectShow, ISAPI, DHTML, XML, SQL, PL/SQL
DirectShow ASF Chunk Filter
Corporate information systems
St. Petersburg Delta Telecom
10 1997 Internet technologies for Geo Informational Systems Internet Map Server
Geodata Builder
Map Editor, Font Editor, Map Style Editor
Internet Mapping Services
Internet Distributed Vehicle Tracking System
Fleet Management Tracking System
St. Petersburg Aktivist, Finland
32 1993 E-commerce and content management systems
GIS-based solutions
Analysis systems based on OLAP technology.
On-line publishing system
Presentation media system
Security Internet/Intranet Registration & Information System
Enterprise Data Processing System
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