Outsourcing to Russia - FAQ's
How will we benefit from offshore outsourcing?
1. Cost reduction
2. Opportunity to concentrate on core business
3. Opportunity to invest in R&D
4. Be more competitive in today's tough market
5. Faster delivery to the market

Why do outsourced projects sometimes fail?
1. Unprioritized or poor requirements
2. Poor communication
3. Business and culture differences
4. Poor understanding of methods, tools, and techniques
5. Inability to get resources with critical skills
6. Ineffective business process
7. Underestimated resources needed
8. Undertested final deliveries

Who will take care of communication between US team and offshore team, since there are time zone, language and cultural differences?
CrystalTest as US based company takes care of communication between US customer and our
offshore partners, as well as project control and coordination.

Will your company take the project from the customer if the product's requirements is poorly written?
We will work with our customers to make sure that the product's requirements are well defined.

How do you ensure the product's quality ?
We use our solutions such as "Virtual Customer" and "Automated Build Certification" to make sure that
the product has the highest quality.

What is the time difference between USA and Russia?
Russian time is 11 hours ahead of Pacific time. For instance, if it is 8AM in California, it will be 7PM in Moscow. At this time Russian team completes daily operations (for instance, build testing), and US team starts using the results of Russian team. As a result, we can work on our project 24 hours a day.
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