My company develops, distributes and supports 3 tax-related software programs. My clients are very detail-oriented CPA's and accountants, so the software needs to be as perfect as possible. Until last year the programs were in DOS, written by myself. I needed to convert them to Windows as quickly and painlessly as possible, and contracted with Contek to do so. I sent both compiled versions of the programs as well as the source code. I also sent detailed notes on the fine points of the applications.

Anton Komkov, programmer and Sergie Komkov, project manager were able to communicate well when questions arose. They produced the 3 new Windows applications within the required timeframe. The applications work exactly as the DOS applications did, with a few more enhancements that we added along the way.
We had a few unexpected complications when the first releases were deployed to clients, but they had been expected due to all the different type of machines out there. We were able to solve them as they arose, and after going through a complete season we are now deploying with no known bugs.

On the financial side I believe their prices are reasonable and I have never second-guessed any payments I have made. I continue to have a pleasant working relationship with Contek, as our programs require periodic updating and enhancing. I expect we will continue our relationship long into the future. In fact, there is another application which I am considering, and Contek will be the company I choose to work with, should I go ahead with it.

Jennifer Bates, President, PRSoft