ConTech is a software company located in Tomsk, Russia. They are amazing programmers. If you have a tough programming job that you know how to do, but don't want to do, give it to them. They do everything the right way. They also have good initative.
And they actually write tight code! I had almost forgot what it look like. They fully document their source and all their code is in English (suppose you _could_ talk them into programming in Russian if you wanted to) Sergie, who manages and translates the projects specifications is very good at grasping the idea of the program and presenting it to the programmers. They also can do many other kinds of programming. I don't even know where you would begin looking to find the kind of talent here in the US that is assembled in that one company.
They have done about 250 hours of programming for me so far and I am amazed at their productivity and very, very pleased at the cost. I highly recommend Contech!

George Burt, President
TrueShot Produce Systems, Inc.
Tel.: 888.776.1331