LMR Software
To whom it may concern 09/13/2001 I would like to take this opportunity to express our complete satisfaction in our extensive cooperation with the LMR Software, Russia.Working together with the LMR Software, we were greatly pleased at finding the company to be very technically competent, with great integrity and run with a great deal of organization. The LMR dedicated staff have demonstrated expertise in project management, configuration control and general design. They have been extremely customer-oriented in our dealings with them. The resourceful solution the LMR have offered to us has been at very competitive rates. Communication went smoothly and the fact that the developer is located in Russia did not cause any troubles.TurboMarket Corporation is an Internet-based application service provider that has created a whole spectrum of Distribution Portals, the leading end-to-end solution for supply chains.One of TurboMarket Corporations products is the Produce Distribution Portal built in accordance with the scheme wholesaler distributor client. The product is intended to supply integral information environment of business partners and potential customers cooperation regardless of their geographical location. It also enables them to receive up to date and reliable information about products and services offered, and place orders on-line. Also, Produce Distribution Portal provides possibilities for distributor-client net cost-effective management and payments transactions, as well as for forming delivery routes, loading sheets and different types of statistics. Development of Produce Distribution Portal was carried out by the skillful and motivated team of the LMR Software. Timely and in accordance with the previously communicated terms the LMR Software designed and implemented the web-portal that best met our requirements. A highly professional project management ensured the effective and well-organized software production. High quality of the project was also gained by the innovative and creative approach the LMR programming staff had to solve problems. The prompt, professional service provided to TurboMarket Corporation by the LMR Software in combination with their high business ethics, and the flexible and resourceful approach to the challenges that our company faced made it a real pleasure to work with LMR Software.The LMR Software proved to be a company that measures its success by the success of the customers.

Boris Shats. President